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Vocals, backing vocals

Has been singing since her early childhood.

Born in France, her multicultural origins bring her very broad influences musicals.

In 2019, she met Carole Send (Caroline) and Albert, author and composer.

The magic of the trinomial works immediately.

Alex then recorded in their studio about thirty titles composed by Albert and written by Caroline.

This trio turns into a musical band baptized 

MORNING with the arrival of Thierry on drums and Pierre-Marie on bass. 


Composer, guitarist


Acquires his first guitar at the age of 13, rocked by Anglo-Saxon groups that his sisters listen to elders, like

Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes, Mike Oldfield, King Crimson, the Doors, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles... Quickly, he started composing with a very polyphonic ear.

Once the baccalaureate in his pocket, he goes to study medicine.

When he became a general practitioner, musical composition remained very present in his daily life.

Driven by his strong desire to introduce the public to his wide repertoire of songs and music, he founded the band MORNING in 2019.


Drummer, percussionist


Already had a strong attraction for drums and percussion at a very young age, while taking piano lessons.

His tastes are more rock, folk music, pop music.

At eighteen, he joined on drums and keyboard the first group formed by Albert, then student. Understanding the polyphonic particularity of Albert's creations and knowing how to find the appropriate rhythms for his syncopated guitar playing, a very strong musical bond is formed between them.

He has never stopped playing and performs regularly in front of the public in rock and hard-rock bands.

In 2019, contacted by Albert, he joined the MORNING band.


Bass player

Has been playing bass since he was a college student.

In high school, with one of his fellow students, guitarist and singer, he created the band Les Quenelles de Requin made up of four friends, which they renamed Les Chevaux sans têtes (LCST) in 2014: a clever mix of rock, grunge, stoner, metal, pop.

In parallel with his band, contacted by Albert who knew his talents as a bass player and his dynamism, PM joined MORNING in 2019.




Writes the texts of all the titles of the band MORNING.

You won't see her on stage, but she's always there backstage. Influenced at a very young age by great authors such as Brel, Brassens, Ferrat, Caroline has been writing song texts since her adolescence under the pseudonym Carole Send. She has never stopped writing since. Mainly in French, it is only for a few years that she has extended her writing field to English.

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